Great family fun! Simply! The funnest place around!
Great family fun!   Simply! The funnest place around!

2 Day Golf School & 3 Night Stay at a Beautiful Cottage on Maple Lake

A great opportunity to get away from the city and work on your golf game in the beauty of the Haliburton Highlands. Have CPGA Golf Instructor Gary Kent analyze your game and show you how to improve your overall enjoyment, and score!

This program is designed to elevate your game to the next level by building confidence through preparation and knowledge of how to take your practice to the course.

The golf school will take place all season. The golfers can arrive at the cottage in late afternoon 1st day and stay till 3rd day early afternoon.

On the 1st morning, Gary will do an assessment of the golfer’s overall games. Video the swings and make a plan for each player‘s improvement. Gary will work with the golfers in the full swing driving range area and short game areas each day. That afternoon, the golfers will apply their newly acquired skills to the golf course while playing 18 holes at Blairhampton, which is just down the road. The players are asked to make notes on their game that day and bring their report to the lesson tee the next morning.

On the 2nd morning, we will do an assessment of the game you played yesterday, and make the necessary adjustments at the driving range or short game areas for further improvement. Then the players will go back to the golf course and play 18 that afternoon and enjoy the rest of their holiday.


A great opportunity to get away from the city and work on your golf game in the beauty of the Haliburton Highlands.

An excellent program for players of all levels.

$ 899 + HST - one Golfer
$1199 + HST - two golfers
$1499+ HST - three Golfers
$1799+ HST - Four Golfers


  • FREE use of the practice facility and the Par 3 Golf Course, for your entire stay.
  • Instruction with Gary Kent 10:00 am to 12:15pm both days.
  • From 12:15pm to 1pm players can practice and reinforce their new skills or take a break before they're 2pm game.
  • Slow motion video analysis using the newest software technology of golf swings daily, and initial 1st day golf club analysis.
  • Approx.,  2pm tee time for 18 hole green fees with Power Carts both days at the beautiful Blairhampton Golf Course.
  • Five Star accommodations for three nights just 6 minutes from the golf school. To view accommodations please visit

For your convenience, all within one minute of the golf school you will find amenities such as a gas station, beer/liquor store, two variety stores, hardware store, nature hikes, movie rentals and these excellent restaurants (The Peppermill Steak and Pasta House, Red Umbrella, Mill Pond Restaurant and fine dining at Rhubarb Restaurant & Boshkung Brewing Company).

These are suggested topics we can cover at the 2 Day Golf School. You may check off the ones that need attention, and bring a copy with you to the first lesson. Print off this checklist below and bring it to the lessons. Check off the points you would like to improve.

  • Goal setting
  • Learning to self diagnose your own swing
  • Overall equipment analysis lie angle, driver loft, grip size and shaft flex.
  • Basic position of the ball, hands, stance, posture for all clubs.
  • Improving your practice swing to improve your game swing.
  • What fundamentals of the golf swing you should use for your body shape and strength.
  • How to warm up for the 1st tee when there is no time for hitting balls.
  • How to use a mirror to improve your swing.
  • The use of each club in the set. Subtle changes between them.
  • Practice 100yd, 125yd, & 150yd shots
  • Practice 30yd, 50yd, & 75yd shots.
  • Subtle changes in hitting from fairway slopes. Where does the ball position change to?
  • Proper way to use the driver. Change of ball pos. and spine angle.
  • Fairway woods. The changes in setup & when to use them.
  • Playing intentional curved ball flights, Slice, Fade, Draw and Hook.
  • Chipping with 7, 8, 9, PM, SW & 60.
  • Backward chip against tree.
  • Toe chip and where to use it.
  • Need to know a bellied wedge. When to use it.
  • "U" & "V" swings for chips & pitches.
  • Learn the chip putt, when to use it.
  • Flop shot, how and when to play it.
  • Change in swing and clubs for windy conditions.
  • "U" & "V" swings from the rough
  • Practice punch draw and fades
  • Using the "U" & "V" swings in bunkers
  • Fairway bunker
  • Developing a putting routine
  • Putting, "Pop" verses "Pendulum". When to use.
  • Advanced green reading. Advanced slopes, textures, grains, colors, time of day
  • Putting drills
  • Etiquette, good understanding
  • Routine for alignment
  • What are the elements of a tour player's routine?
  • How to keep stats, fairways, greens, putts, ups & downs.
  • Gaining clubhead speed through equipment and exercises.
  • How to play a course you've never played before.
  • How to better play your home course.



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Bernie Nicholls  -Retired NHL Stanley Cup Champion


"I have had lessons from the likes of Hank Haney, Butch Harmon, Jim McLean and other instructors along with some PGA pros. I can honestly say Gary works as hard and takes his time with each and every student no matter their level, beginner or scratch player. His knowledge of the golf swing is as good as any I have ever had."




We are so lucky to have a Certified Golf Instructor in the Haliburton area now. Normally have to drive miles and miles for any golf swing coaching.

Sharon V.

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