What customers are saying about us...

"Chris is the best! Brand new student, and he made me fall in love with golf"
~Kirsty G


"Great place for family fun. Lessons too. Chris is very knowledgeable about club fittings!

~Brad M


"Chris is wonderful, doing a great job in making the place look cared for. Your customer service are warm, friendly and welcoming approach are truly delightful and sets you so much higher than other courses. Just a super place for some great golf and R&R.



"Amazing new owners! Such a great welcoming environment!"

~Alisa M 


" I've been to the range a couple more times since Monday. Trying to drop that shoulder early to get the ball up. Just had my favourite range session I think ever. I have no idea how far I'm hitting my irons, but they are crisper, more authentic swings with less effort. Just wanted to say that the lesson had a huge impact on my approach to hitting and swinging. Thank you very much!"

~Kevin L 




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